About Us

Developing series of research projects based on latest insect reproduction methods, Tebmedic is known as pioneer of scorpion breeding and venom milking industry in Iran. Formed by experts from academia, our team aims to apply and develop latest breeding methods in close collaboration with high-tech labs shared by IUMC, further trying to commercialize the initiatives to operate the venom milking process using our very own designed devices.

Certified by Pasteur Institute, our high quality venom and scorpion oil brand are all ranked as top products among others, locally and regionally. The Tebmedic grasshopper, cricket and mealworms breeding farm is essential to complete the puzzle of breeding technology and developing premium products to fit for purpose.

Operating in a 5000 Sq. Farm with a gallon venom production capacity per annum, Tebmedic paves the way to expand its farms within the region and solids the ground to develop new products better serve professional clients worldwide.